Our AV technology (steering wheel optional) has two layers of OS, both of what we have designed (and will implement) in-house.

The OS (for cars)

We have thrown away the CAN bus and started again. It is 1,000X faster, it is hardened to military standards of defences. It will need 50% of the copper of other cars and the ICU’s are going to be tiny and few compared to current cars. We will offer the completed OS (i.e. turn-key) to other OEMs and level 1 vendors.

The OS (for AV cars)

This is where the fail-operate and MEL systems work. That’s also where the MPPs (plural) work. Light. Easy. Blazing fast. Tons of compute power.

Unique Positional Data

It will allow our cars to drive safely on a road with a fresh coat of snow where a person doesn’t even know where the road is. Or in a complete white-out. The accuracy of the system will be .4 cm max. In some environment, 8 mm. Like Tesla, we don't use Lidar.

A Unique Driving Model

The driving model will be unique. It will be based on three things: o Trajectories updated 15 times a second. o Psychology. This is a critical part of our team and our driving model. o Machine Learning. We are highly in dept to the work of Deep Mind, particularly what they did with chess.